Fixtures, Door and Windows

Repairing and fixing of doors, pictures, mirrors and cabinets.


Repairs to walls, doors, windows, flyscreens and other minor repairs


Small painting and makeover jobs interior and exterior.


Bookcases, coffee table, TV units, skirting and architraves.

EntryWhy Wainscoting

Wainscoting, like skirting, and other design elements such as crown mouldings, has been around for hundreds of years and in that time its purpose has transformed from the practical to the aesthetic. Wainsccoting gives structure and definition to a space and is a small peice of architectural detailing that enhances and enriches a single room or whole home. Wainscoting does not suit all homes but there are so many design ideas available you can be overwhelmed by choice. However, regardeless of design and style here are some reasons why you’ll want to consider it for your home.

Visual Appeal - Arguably the number 1 reason homeowners choose to install wainscoting in their home: aesthetics. Having these beautiful wood panels adorn the walls of your home declares in no uncertain terms that you are person of refined taste who lives in the present but does not disregard those things from the past that add subtle highlights to the quality of domestic life.

Hide Imperfections - Wainscoting, like wallpaper, is great for concealing the less than perfect aspects of old walls. Whether it’s an uneven surface, or cracked plaster, it can be easily and effectively concealed behind these decorative panels.

Easy Maintenance and Update. If you scratch one of your wall panels you can sand it down and repaint it. If somehow a panel is cracked or otherwise significantly damaged it can be easily replaced if required. However,  should you decide on a different colour scheme for your room you can easily repaint your paneling to match. 











































Murphy Beds by Design

MB 3

The Murphy Bed, which is in fact a wall bed, or fold down bed or pull down bed, is a bed that's hinged by some mechanism at one end so it can be folded up and stored vertically against a wall or in a cabinet. These beds are relatively inexpensive solutions to space problems in not only small homes but also larger ones.

MB 2

Murphy beds can take up as little as 450mm of wall space providing much needed space for kids playrooms and the like, and providing the flexibility of provding that extra bed when visitors stay overnight.