This page highlights some fo the work that we have completed for various clients. Each project was commissioned, designed and built to the users requirements. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about the different projects.


Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are made to order but have a common characteristic; the bed can be raised and lowered by one hand due to the built in gas struts. While not popular in Australia these beds provide a great space saving opportunity that can turn a standard bedroom into extra playroom for the kids, or a sewing room for mum.



Wainscoting is best described as decorative panelling that is fixed to walls. While there are a miriad of variations, most wainscoting consists of a panel with either a raised or flat inner panel with decorative moulding applied to the the edges of the inner panel. Other common elements include skirting and a top cap.


Other Jobs & Projects

These job demonstrate the breadth of work undertaken; from small kitchen renos to medium domestic works.


Bespoke Projects

The projects below are one-off projects all designed and built to order.